CPR logoCrop Protection Research is Australia’s most innovative and truly independent contract research organization.

Undertaking agri-science research projects on behalf of corporate clients, agri-industry bodies and government departments, we have extensive experience in all horticultural, agricultural, forestry and protected cropping situations, including GLP compliant pesticide residue studies (field and laboratory).

Covering key production zones

Our team of employees, research partners and collaborators is located to cover all main agri-production zones of Australia and is highly experienced at evaluating crop protection products and other crop production inputs including fertilisers, new varieties, growing media and growth regulators.

Regulatory affairs support

With a clear understanding of the regulatory environment that surrounds many of the research projects that we undertake, Crop Protection Research can provide full-service regulatory affairs support to those clients who need it — everything from a chemical permit to a full chemical registration package.

Focused on client outcomes

Crop Protection Research is focused on client outcomes and holds the attributes of integrity and scientific quality as cornerstones of it business. Thus, end-to-end management of complex scientific research projects and the regulatory environment surrounding them has become the strength of the organisation.

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